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Fuzzy Approach for Bi-Level Programming Problems

R. L. Bai1, L. Jin1 *, and Y. Wei1

  1. College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen, Fujian 361024, China

*Corresponding author. E-mail address: (L. Jin).


Bi-level programming problem (BLPP) can make the final decision result is a mutually coordinated scheme among all layers, which can solve complex practical problems well. This paper summarizes and describes the methods to solve the bi-level programming problem, and proposes a fuzzy method to solve the BLPP by using the concepts of membership function and multiobjective optimization to solve the bilevel programming problem, and gives a numerical example to solve it. It also points out that developing a method to solve fuzzy problems and new concepts to solve multi-level programming problems are practical directions for future research.

Keywords: bi-level programming, kth-best algorithm, fuzzy approach

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