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Air Pollution: A Review of Its Impacts on Health and Ecosystems, and Analytical Techniques for Their Measurement and Modeling

G. Mekuria1 *

  1. Department of Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering, Debre Berhan University, PO Box 445, Debre Berhan, Ethiopia

*Corresponding author. Tel.: +251923388799; fax: +251-116812065. E-mail address: (G. Mekuria).


Air pollution is a significant global problem that affects human health and the natural environment. This research article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the impacts of air pollution on health and ecosystems and present various analytical techniques used for its measurement and modeling. The study uses a systematic review method to identify and evaluate research articles that deal with air pollution, its impacts on health and ecosystems, analytical techniques, and modeling that are only available in English and published between 2012 and 2023. The findings outlined in this article contribute to an enhanced understanding of the detrimental effects of air pollution and provide insights into effective monitoring and mitigation strategies. In conclusion, by implementing effective policies, adopting clean technologies, promoting sustainable practices, and raising awareness, we can mitigate the impacts of air pollution and create a healthier and more sustainable future.

Keywords: air pollution, health, ecosystems, analytical techniques, air quality modeling, air pollution modeling

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