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A Novel Low-Tech Water Treatment System to Provide Safe Water for the Rural Poor

E. McBean1 *

  1. School of Engineering, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1, Canada

*Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 5198244120. E-mail address: (E. McBean).


While providing safe water for the rural poor is considered a basic human right, there are numerous issues associated with existing technologies with shortcomings. Performance issues have continued to fail to meet the needs of impoverished families due to issues including high cost, difficulties with performance, and continuing needs for maintenance. These issues have severely interfered the safe water accessibility. Key aspects of the Guelph water filter (GWF) system can avoid/minimize many of these issues. The GWF as described herein enables delivery of low cost, long-term performance at 3 log removal of E. coli and can deliver 1 to 3 L of treated water per hour. The GWF is simple to operate, has an ability to provide sufficient water for a family, maintains longevity of performance, is easy to maintain and has protection against breakage during the cleaning process, is repairable at village level, and operates using a sizable reservoir of water to supply raw water, meaning the technology does not need to be refilled frequently. Hence, the capability of the novel GWF technology is shown to bypass many of the troublesome features of alternative low-tech water treatment technologies. The potential for the GWF to function for 2 days continuously avoids the need for young girls to fetch raw water frequently during a day, thereby enabling them to attend school. Hence, the GWF enhances the potential to result in ‘safe water and full schools’, providing the opportunity for girls to receive education and capture socio-economic benefits for the community.

Keywords: low-tech, ceramic filter, safe water, full schools, long term performance, easy to use, robust performance, girl’s education

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